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This page explains the information collected while visiting pages from (the website).

General approach to privacy

We take your privacy seriously and limit the collection of personal information on our website to an absolute minimum. In fact, we don't collect any data at all directly.

At the same time, we don't store any data related to our visitors or their activity on any of our servers. The website doesn't take any user input and there is nothing to store that is user generated or generated from activities that users may partake.

Third Parties

Despite the fact that we don't track users or store any user data, we do use third parties that may. We have limited the number of third parties as much as possible and we do our due diligence to pick reputable businesses. These and their usages are described below.


Tag Manager and Analytics

We use the Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics in order to understand the number of visitors and their demographics, generic location, and other useful metrics. These tools may drop cookies in your browser and they are governed by their own privacy policies.

Google Privacy Policy page

This third party may also process personal information about our users and store it. Their privacy policy will explain this in more detail. At the same time, Google provides a mechanism to manage this data.

See, control & delete the info in your Google Account

Google provides a mechanism for users to opt out of the Google Analytics. This is detailed here:

Google Analytics Opt-out

We also provide a mechanism to completely opt out of Google Analytics on our website using the cookie consent banner. Not giving consent for analytics cookies will prevent Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics from loading.

Cloud hosting and access logs

When users are accessing the website, log messages are generated by our cloud provider. These logs may contain information about IP addresses and potentially other information, depending on what part of the website is being visited. These logs are stored for a limited period of time, usually 30 calendar days. After that period, they are deleted automatically by the cloud provider.

We may use the information stored in these logs to investigate technical issues like bugs or security threats. We won't use this information to try and track our users or determine anything else that doesn't relate to technical or security concerns.


We don't keep any personal data or data generated by the users of the website in any backups.


This privacy policy is updated regularly. Please check back to ensure you have read the most up to date version.

Last updated: 1 Jul 2023 12:00 UTC

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Our privacy policy

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