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We are traders on the Forex market and we have been around for a while, learning and discovering better ways and better tools to help us.

We know how difficult it is to start on this journey, we've been there and it hasn't been easy. And the current situation the markets find themselves in, makes it difficult even for the more experienced of us.

Tools, tools, tools

We know information is essential when trading, but information needs structure. We need to know the right things and at the right time, and for that, there are some essential tools we've been using.

We've built these tools ourselves because we couldn't find any that had everything we wanted and the way we wanted. We customised them for our own use.

And then we realised that, if we find them so useful, surely other traders would benefit from them too. So we decided to share them with the world.

For FREE. No strings attached.

Forex Sentiment

We've been using the Forex sentiment tool regularly and we've noticed that more and more traders are starting to use it too.

Because Forex is traded over the counter, it lacks a good centralised source of information. We are using AI to build a better picture of the overall market sentiment than relying on information published by one broker or another.

This gives us the opportunity to create the bigger picture of what retail traders are doing everywhere in the world and how they may feel about different markets. In turn, since information is the gift that keeps giving, it will help every trader using our tools to make more informed decisions.

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